Roam and Stare for No Charge

Your gran's house is kind of like a museum — filled with old stuff that's guarded by a bulldog you'd never want to meet in a dark alley. At her archive of old stuff, the café is a kitchen outfitted with unique appliances and the bookstore contains a copy of Goodnight, Moon with your grubby, peanut-buttery fingerprints on it. If you're sick of family history being shoved down your throat, take Bank of America up on its offer — no, not for a piece of bailout money — of a free day at the museum.

April 4 and 5 at the Miami Art Museum, Miami Children's Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art, and Miami Science Museum will open their doors free of charge to Miami Bank of America cardholders. You'll forget about the low interest you get on your savings account and those overdraft fees once you're roaming the halls of one of our finest cultural institutions. Just bring your ATM card or personal check and a valid photo ID. Now that's what we call a bailout.
Sat., April 4; Sun., April 5, 2009


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