Ride It Like a Ford

Of all the Latin music/reggaeton-inspired car commercials, “Ride It Like a Ford” remains our favorite by far — yes, even more than the inescapable Esserman commercials. The 2006 ad was everything we love and loathe about Miami. Baby-oiled bikini babes, garishly painted vehicles parked near the lapping ocean, and some slicked-back bro telling us we “gotta ride it, ride it.” You might be reminded of this advertising earworm at the um, unique display during Art + Design Night in the Design District. The “ReFLEXions” exhibit hath loosed five local artists on the fuel-efficient, mood-lighting-rigged Ford Flex, and the vehicle is their muse. Oh, and wait — the exhibited interpretations will be auctioned off; proceeds will benefit The Britto Foundation.

The gasoline-scented affair will take over The Moore Building with a nightclubby event that includes live music by Afrobeta and a projected art display from 9 to 11 p.m.
Sat., Aug. 9, 2008


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