Return the Favor

If you want to see Miamians get all glossy-eyed and nostalgic, mention Miami Marine Stadium. Back in 1963, this Virginia Key landmark was built for powerboat racing, but its legendary floating stage soon became the place to watch concerts, boxing matches, the annual Easter Sunrise Service, and even an episode of Donahue. The city was enamored with this open-air venue and proud to have such a unique piece of architecture within our city limits. Until the ultimate hater, Hurricane Andrew, stuck a fork in the fun — nature’s destruction caused the city to condemn the place and it was done. Since then, the stadium has become the canvas for rogue graffiti artists and yet another dilapidated building with a special place in Magic City history.

Seventeen years later, we’re not the only ones still boo-hooing over the loss — check Internet message boards and you’ll see the cries of citizens who are sick of the skyscrapers and McMansions and just want the return of a venue that made our town unique. If you agree, join like-minded people this Thursday for A State of the Stadium Shindig at Bayside Hut. From 6 p.m. to 1 a.m., the Big Bounce, Big Poppa E & the E Band, and DJ Lance-O will provide the soundtrack for feting the stadium and raising money for its restoration. Admission is free and so are the appetizers, so the donation of your heart and soul must be all this landmark needs to come back to life. The works of semifinalists competing to design a new logo for the stadium will be on display.
Thu., May 7, 6 p.m., 2009


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