Retro Formal

This party has the makings of pretty much everything we love: dressing like a Napoleon Dynamite love interest, posing awkwardly for Glamour Shots-style pictures, slow-dancing, and possibly making out to synth beats. Yes, the annual '80s Prom will return to the Vagabond — on a school night, no less! — this Wednesday. So hurry up and don your poofiest, shiniest, extra-fancy getup and find someone you can lie to about never having "gone all the way until this special night." Tell your date to pick you up at your parents' house no later than 9 p.m. (when doors open) and that you'll definitely require a corsage. Don't forget to sport some Aqua Net, a slap bracelet, and an ID in your color-coordinated purse — guys must be 21-plus, and gals must be at least 18. Local band The State Of will play '80s covers on the main stage, and a host of DJs, including Laura of Miami and Ray Milian, will spin New Wave, booty jams, and freestyle.
Wed., Nov. 23, 9 p.m., 2011


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