Retail Therapy

What’s the thing those politicians are always yammering about on television every night? Oh yeah, the economy. From what we’ve observed while flipping channels to watch Gossip Girl, it ain’t doing so good. In fact, rumor has it we’re almost in, like, a recession or something. Crazy, right? You’d think there would be more parking available at the mall if a thing like that were actually true, right? We’re not going to let a little economic slowdown slow us down, and that’s why we’re heading straight to Jungle Island for the Splurge O’ What a Nite shopping event.

The Jungle Island critters will make way for displays of the hottest stuff on the market. Designers and vendors from New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, and all of those other cities in these great United States are converging to shill their jewelry, accessories, shoes, clothing, and home accents. Makeup artists from Bobbi Brown Cosmetics will offer tips on the latest fall and winter trends, delicious appetizers will be passed around, and — did we mention there’s an open wine bar? Well, there’s an open wine bar! And besides all of that, presold ticket holders will get fab goody bags, which event organizer Brian Scott can’t stop gushing about. “They are unbelievable this year! I wish I could tell you what’s in them. Just know that everything in there is quality,” he says. Recession schmession. Tickets cost $35 to this shopping paradise, and it takes place from 5 to 10 p.m. Visit
Wed., Sept. 24, 2008


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