Resurrecting the Women’s Club

At this late date in the development of club culture, the “ladies’ night” has become the go-to space-filler for way too many lazy promoters. Neglected and underutilized, your average celebration of the Amazonian in every woman resorts instead to infantilizing tropes, such as pink ’n’ frilly dress codes and candy-flavored cosmos. So, if what you need is a decidedly grown-up, harder-edged, powerfully femme party that truly taps the female id, head to the Beach’s newest gloss-rock boutique bar, Poprox for Girls’ Night Out.

For starters, show up early, because the massive mirror-encircled bar will be totally open for one full hour (9-10pm), serving complimentary draft beer and mixed drinks. Then, stay late, sucking down two-for-one sex on the beach drinks while getting loose to the local lineup of female-fronted rock bands. Plus, there’s absolutely no cover for girls or guys. So strap on your leathers and denim, grab your boyfriend, grab your girlfriends, pick up a brand-new boyfriend or girlfriend, and party like a real lady till sunrise.
Wed., May 27, 9 p.m., 2009


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