Reppin' Bogotá

From the food to the music, Latin culture is ubiquitous in Miami. Empanada stands dominate street corners downtown, while the tropical sounds of salsa and reggaeton can be heard thumping in clubs. Yet there is still a rich reserve of Latin culture that is, for the most part, untapped here in the Magic City. The fourth annual Festival Vallenato, at Bayfront Park Amphitheater, is the perfect place to find a different Latin experience. Vallenato, a form of Colombian folk music, is marked most notably by its combination of accordion with melodic crooning. Much like modern-day rappers, Vallenatos also spice up their performances with a piqueria, a battle among singers. Patrons can watch Hermanos Zuleta, Jorge Celedon, Binomio de Oro, Silvestre Dangon, Otto Serge, Jorge Oñate, and Checo Acosta perform starting today at noon.
Sun., March 4, noon


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