Remixed Tradition

The Peruvian band Kuyayky has one of those unique rags-to-riches stories that one usually sees only in the movies. The seven-member family band moved to America in 1993 and started out literally on the streets of South Beach. “We started playing on Ocean Drive. That’s how we were able to eat and pay the rent. Eventually we went to school and finished college. We were all janitors. We went to clean offices while we were studying, but we never stopped playing music,” explains lead singer and guitarist Rubi Indira Hurtado. Their unique sound blends traditional Andean instrumentation with modern American influences. Now the bandmates have gone from the streets to the Colony Theater, where they will present their CD-release concert. After thirteen years away from their homeland, the family returned to central Peru and found inspiration for their new album, Back to the Beginning. Tonight at 7:00, world music fans can groove to traditional songs like the “Jergacumuy,” a lilting, pre-Inca melody that is estimated to be 700 years old. Tickets cost $25. Call 786-200-7325, or visit
Sat., Sept. 16


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