Reeve Against the Machine

Since moving from his native Minnesota six years ago, artist Reeve Schumacher has had his fill of the Sunshine State. His solo show “State of Reeve Schumacher vs. Florida,” opening tonight at Damien B. Contemporary Art Center, takes a confrontational tongue-in-cheek look at his experiences here and is somewhat of a swan song before he heads off to greener pastures. “Miami has provided a nurturing environment but in some aspects has gotten to a point where it is killing me softly,” Schumacher muses. “I need to get out and see the rest of the world.”

The exhibit features more than twenty drawings, mixed-media, Polaroid transfer, and hand stitched textiles on canvas pieces in a body of highly introspective work depicting his vision of life in the Big Orange. Schumacher is also unveiling a series of collaborative videos he created with marine biologist Akihiro Shiroza and experimental musician Bob Ladue, which were filmed in Miami and Tokyo. What inspired the show’s moniker? “I got a traffic ticket that said the State of Florida vs. Reeve Schumacher and thought, The whole state is against me? I thought it was worth taking a stand against.” Call 305-573-4949, or visit
Sat., April 22


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