Ready for Some Fraudball?

Sometimes the best move is not making a move at all. Apparently, that’s what the Miami Dolphins think about bringing in a new quarterback, even though the position has been a gaping black hole of incompetence in recent years. After pooping himself repeatedly during a host of crappy performances last year, Chad Henne somehow again won the starting job by default. Unbelievably, he has taken advantage and performed well in the preseason. He hasn’t turned the ball over and is actually throwing it downfield, which had been the knock against Check Down Chad. But, of course, that has all happened when the games don’t count. Unfortunately for Miami, the real games begin this week with a nationally televised Monday Night Football tilt against reigning league MVP Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Talk about a buzzkill. Just when Miami fans are beginning to feel good about something, the Patriots come to town ready to remind us that having a marine mammal for a mascot intimidates no one. Even though New England will be favored to disembowel the Dolphins on live television, the local boys have put up a good fight against Brady in the past. And with the world watching, they might pull off the first surprise of the season. Or they’ll star in their own re-enactment of the indie film The Cove -— and trust us, that ain’t a good thing. If you’re brave enough to witness another Dolphins slaughter, make your way to Sun Life Stadium on Monday.
Mon., Sept. 12, 7:30 p.m., 2011


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