It’s been a painful season. But at least now the new, Shaq-less Miami Heat looks faster -- and younger. Not much better, though. Still, unnoticed in the seismic Shaq-to-Phoenix trade is the fact that Miami got a great player in return. Newly acquired Shawn Marion debuted for the Heat with a solid 15-point, 14-rebound effort against the Lakers. His all-out style and seemingly effortless ability to dish the rock seems to have ignited a new Showtime approach for the Heat – something that was missing while they waited for The Big Aristotle to lumber down the court and set up in the paint.

It would behoove the Heat to sign Marion to an extension. It would also behoove the team to keep sucking: Miami now needs to make winning the NBA Draft Lottery its top priority. And that means losing often, which shouldn’t be a problem for these guys. Get the number one overall pick, and draft Kansas star forward Michael Beasley. Done and done. Wade-Marion-Beasley. Now those are three names that’ll make the pain go away. Tonight the Heat faces the Sacramento Kings at the American Airlines Arena.
Tue., Feb. 26, 2008


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