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Rats Fighting Over Baguettes and Other Reasons Not to Live in NYC

Miami and New York City have always been awkward step-siblings. New Yorkers sweep into town,

buying up our bad art

, visiting grandparents, and pretending like Art Basel was their bright idea. On the other hand, many of Cultist's writers and readers have spent at least part of their 20s in the Big Apple, trying on hipster bohemia like a hat before drinking their way into near homelessness. F*ck. That. Rent.

But beyond the money woes, it sounds like the apocalypse has already started up there so quit pining for your NYC days. Last night, a freak tornado wreaked havoc on their overpopulated streets. And we were just thumbing through our sister paper's blog, Village Voice's Runnin' Scared, and saw this video of vicious rats fighting over a crusty baguette. Now, who misses taking the L Train to Williamsburg? 

Video by the Voice's Francesca Stabile


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