Rallye, Ho!

Robert Burr is the consummate tour guide. Some weeks you’ll find him meandering the streets of Coral Gables leading one of his pedestrian tours, sampling vino and greeting locals. Today you can catch up with the knowledgable and friendly explorer at the first annual Redland Riot Road Rallye, a high-speed, old-timey event that offers the ideal opportunity for car buffs to show off their shiny toys.

Members of the British Sports Car Club will turn out to discover the Redland’s expanse. “We made some questions about each place — just interesting and not too difficult, but the kinds of questions that you need to visit each place to figure out. And we’ll all gather at the library bar at the Redland Hotel to give out prizes and gift certificates,” says Burr. Prizes include local produce like orchids from R.F Orchids and wine from Schenbly’s. Driving enthusiasts should meet at noon at Cauley Square.
Sat., March 10, noon


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