Schnellenberger got funk.
Schnellenberger got funk.

Rakontur's The U Deleted Scene #7: Coach Schnellenberger Redshirts Melvin Bratton

When running back Melvin Bratton first crashed into Coral Gables in the early '80s, he was all gung-ho and high on his skillz, figuring he'd walk unmolested into the U's starting lineup, college ball stardom, and maybe even a big barrel of glory and naked girls. But Coach Schnellenberger said: "Nope."

Instead, Melvin got redshirted. (Translation: He'd gone from player to intern, sitting on the sidelines for his first year as 'Cane.) No surprise, dude was pissed. But he didn't say a word to the big mustachioed man with the funky cowboy hat and oversized pipe. "You can't fuss with Howard Schnellenberger," Bratton says. "This is, like, quote-unquote the Don."

So, Melvin called his Mom. Check the clip after the cut.

Rakontur's The U will be released on DVD August 17. Pre-order a double-disc copy via AllCanes or Amazon.


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