Ragtag J.A.M. Band

While thousands of people willingly make fools of themselves auditioning for American Idol, the rest of us reserve that kind of embarrassing spectacle for the car or shower. There it’s safe to pretend we’re the lead singer of our favorite band crooning to an adoring audience. Without the critical ears of others to keep us quiet, crowlike squawking that barely passes as singing can sound like a jaw-trembling Mariah Carey roar in our heads.

But what about performing in the spotlight, in front of a real audience? That’s a different story. If you’ve got the cojones to take your act from the shower stall to the stage, head to Transit Lounge tonight for Just Another Monday. Starting at 10:00, Suenalo Sound System’s sax man, Juan Torres, hosts J.A.M. while members of other local groups warm up the audience with a few songs. Musicians can bring their own instruments and perform with the band or solo. Feel free to recite poetry and other open-mike requisites.
Mon., Aug. 20, 10 p.m.


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