Radio Ha-Ha

DJ Laz is a nice guy. Just ask all the strippers whose kids he’s put through college. They’ll tell you it took longer than an FPL refund check, but it was worth it. We’re not saying Laz is cheap, but he takes a bag full of quarters with him to the strip club. But, hey, Laz is committed to charity, even more than booty music or his morning radio show on Power 96. That’s why he’s willing to let a professional comedian make fun of him onstage in front of thousands of people during Laz-A-Roast. It’s all to raise money for Radio Lollipop, an organization that uses broadcast radio to make hospital stays less lame for kids. Roast host Carlos Mencia will beat on Laz so bad he’ll be limping offstage. So, in tribute to DJ Laz, a hometown hero, here are some jokes we’d throw at Mencia if he were getting roasted. Mencia is in worse shape than a bucket of mayonnaise. He’s got so much arm fat, if they roasted him, it’d be called a barbecue. Mencia is so ugly that when he was born, his mom invented Photoshop. Mencia has a hairline so backed up it looks like his forehead should be called Jheri Curl Mountain. Laz-A-Roast goes down Saturday at Hard Rock Live.
Sat., Aug. 27, 7 p.m., 2011


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