Rachel Goodrich, Your New Favorite Singer

Wearing a red felt hat or a ladybug costume while strumming a ukulele, Rachel Goodrich isn't the sort of performer you'd expect to emerge from Miami's loins. Her self-described "shake-a-billy" sound has been drawing local crowds to Churchill's, but now it's slipping onto the national scene; her songs have been used on Weeds and on MTV's My Life as Liz. To achieve a sort of playful country-tinged jazz, Goodrich relies on old-timey instrumentation, eliciting sounds from noisemakers such as a set of spoons, an Autoharp, and an upright bass. To that she adds her musky jazz vocals and handclapping, and the resulting album, Tinker Toys, is nine songs of upbeat ditties. It's as if all of this Miami sunshine has made her downright exuberant.

Goodrich plays a free show this Saturday at 9 p.m. at Sweat Records, where the winning video from her "Light Bulb" music video contest will make its debut.
Sat., Feb. 20, 2010


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