Rabbit Hole Through August 11 at Main Street Playhouse

In this Pulitzer Prize winner, the story's leading actors have to emotionally conjure the most unthinkable type of mourning: the death of a child. Howie and Becky, parents in their late 30s, lose their 4-year-old son Denny after he is accidentally struck by a 17-year-old's car. The play's drama focuses on their polarized forms of grief, namely Becky's avoidant, unconscious desire to erase any shred of evidence of her son's existence and Howie's anger at what he views as his wife's improper reaction to the tragedy. These are taxing roles for everyone in the cast, not the least of which is the part of Jason, the teenager behind the wheel, who tries to enter the married couple's life with a touching sci-fi narrative inspired by their son. If you've seen the well-received 2010 film version with Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart, you know the play's drill, but it's refreshing to see a community theater company tackle such intense material.


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