Putting the G in Bingo

Ah bingo. Traditionally a pastime of the elderly, it was rivaled only by shuffleboard, bridge, and complaining about “kids today” in its demographic popularity. And then, wouldn’t ya know it, the damn hipsters got a hold of it. Bingo night at The Standard has been a popular Sunday event for years, and now the hot dudes at Halo Lounge (1625 Michigan Ave., Miami Beach) are getting a taste of the card-calling action. Ladies, gentlemen, and gentlemen who dress like ladies: Come on down and play Betty Ford Bingo!

Hosted by renowned drag diva Shelley Novak (who apparently takes notes from the Cher and Céline Dion school of faux retirement), the evening promises comedy, game-playing fun, and drunken debauchery thanks to a sweet half-price drink special. Game time is 8 to 10 p.m.
Wednesdays, 2008


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