Putt-Putt Paradise

You’re a two-time foosball champ and can beat any fourth-grader in a game of arcade hoops, but your athletic prowess pretty much ends there. People like you are the reason some guy invented no-sweat versions of the classic sports, and we love you for it. Besides, no one can say you don’t work hard at it -- you leave a table hockey game as bloody as Wayne Gretzky after winning the Stanley Cup. Today marks the grand opening of another watered-down yet legendary sport, miniature golf, at the Palmetto Golf Course.

If you need a felt playing field and tiny windmills to stay up to par, you’re out of luck. This course is 18 holes and a half-acre of real putting green, palm trees, a waterfall, working waterways, and a walk-through tunnel. The authenticity will have you screaming for your caddy and a motorized golf cart, and renaming yourself Cub (a baby Tiger – Woods, that is). The course is open daily from 11:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., and fees start at five dollars.
Sun., March 23, 2008


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