Put up Your Dukes

During a fight a couple of years ago, Edison "Pantera" Miranda broke a man's jaw in two places and head-butted his opponent in the same match. The Colombian national lost the contest on points but proved that mixed martial arts has nothing on boxing when it comes to nastiness. These guys will go at it for up to 10 rounds. The gloves just prolong the agony — or if you're sitting ringside, the sheer joy of watching two seasoned pros pound the living shit out of each other. You can experience the roller coaster of emotions Tuesday at Seminole Hard Rock during the Bad Boys of Boxing fight night.

The card also includes a bout with veteran boxer and Miami native Glen "The Road Warrior" Johnson, and up-and-coming prospect James McGirt Jr. will be ready to step on the latest wannabe that decides to get in his way. Tickets range from $20 to $150, and the gloves touch at 7 p.m.
Tue., Nov. 11, 2008


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