Put Down the Meat

Your mom shoved a naked hot dog into your tiny little fist at the tender age of two. As the stick of pig pieces liquefied in your gummy little mouth, you fell in love with the taste of meat. We don’t blame you; flesh can be heavy on the yum factor. But let’s not forget the strain our animal-grubbin’ ways put on the environment and our bodies. Don’t worry, we’re not going to go all PETA on you, but you should stop by Saturday night’s EarthSave Vegan potluck at Riviera Presbyterian for some amazing, planet-based food with a little education sprinkled on top.

At 6:30, the local EarthSave chapter will gather to share meals and recipes while guest speaker Marcy LaHart schools all on farm animal law. You’re encouraged to bring a vegan dish that will serve eight to 10 people, but if you’re not ready to venture outside of your creature-cooking comfort zone, bring something simple such as an organic green salad, fresh fruit, or brown rice, and savor the flavors that your neighbors create. EarthSave members and kids 12 and under eat for free; all others have to pony up five bucks.
Sat., Aug. 30, 2008


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