Push It Good

For the past decade, your number one New Year’s resolution has been to get in shape, and you’ve spent entire Decembers culling piles of diet books and writing healthful grocery shopping lists. But by 12:01, that big glittery ball has dropped, Dick Clark has finished rockin’ your New Year’s Eve, and you’re face down in a bowl of artichoke dip. We know, we know -- dipping chips in a bowl never felt so good. But this year our resolution is to help you finally reach your goal. We’re calling in Anthony Almeida, the superenergetic personal trainer to stars like Gloria Estefan and Madonna, whose month-long beachfront Rejuven-8 Women’s Boot Camp is your jiggly gut’s worst nightmare.

“This is a quick way of doing it [losing weight]. You have a month and it’s a challenge,” Almeida gushes. “I don’t want to be extreme, but you do it and you’re dead because it’s a no-holds-barred boot camp.” Well, maybe he didn’t mean you’d actually die, but after three or five sessions a week for $249 or $349, those fat cells certainly will! The murder takes place on the sand at 10th Street and Ocean Drive on Miami Beach. Call 305-527-7410, or visit www.re-juven8.com to reserve your spot.
Starts: Jan. 7. Daily, 2008


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