Property Line at the South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center Through April 15

Mag and her husband Charlie are WASPy empty-nesters living in a quaint Miami community. Mag is a liberal-minded human rights advocate, and Charlie is a pot-smoking retired travel writer and avid cyclist. The two seem content with their lives until, one day, their recently widowed Cuban neighbor Blanca suddenly turns belligerent, claiming the part of Mag and Charlie's fence that divides the two yards is on her property and is, therefore, legally hers. Blanca's motivation is a twisted sort of love. Her husband discovered the property-line issue just before a gruesome car accident decapitated him. With charm, humor, and tension-filled moments, local playwright Juan C. Sanchez deftly uses this premise as a commentary on fear, loss, change, and, ultimately, the conflict of culture and perceptions that permeates South Florida. The briskly structured and hilarious character-driven tale of loss, culture clash, and possession is playing at the South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center with the aid of Shadow Interpretation performers — specially trained American Sign Language interpreters who perform for the hearing-impaired as "shadows" of the voiced stage actors.


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