Proof of Concept

Few contemporary dance groups provoke thought or dazzle the senses as much as Ronald K. Brown and his Evidence Dance Company, whose work has earned the talented hoofer a reputation as one of the most profound choreographers of his generation. Tonight and Saturday at 8:00, Miami Dade College brings Brown’s exhilarating work to the Colony Theater as part of its Cultura del Lobo Performance Series, now kicking off its sixteenth season.

Brown seamlessly combines African, modern, ballet, and hip-hop dance styles and spoken word to create powerful dance stories that comment on the human condition and the African diaspora. The evening’s performances include Order My Steps, a new work enjoying its South Florida premiere. Created last year, the piece uses a score that fuses Bob Marley and the Kronos Quartet to explore issues of faith, confidence, and ambition. “I want people to have their spirits lifted,” Brown says. “I am interested in sharing perspectives through modern dance, theater, and kinetic storytelling.” Tickets cost $18 to $26. Call 305-237-3010, or visit
Nov. 17-18


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