Pride en Espanol

Latinos are caliente, and gays are fierce. What happens when you combine the two? You get Celebrate Orgullo (which means pride in Spanish). The first-ever Hispanic LGBT pride event will kick it this Saturday in Hialeah. Kidding! Of course it’ll take place in Miami Beach, silly. The event’s organizers — including Ivan Cano of SoBe’s Palace Bar, a veritable den of gayness — have put together a spicy lineup of Latin talent. Performers will include José of Minuto de Fama, Adora & Teddy Behr, Marytrini, Mariloly, and Shanay Bright. Headlining will be Grammy Award-winning Olga Tañón. But with the hugely successful Pride festival in Miami Beach, isn’t Orgullo, like, overkill? “From our experience at the successful Miami Beach Pride, we noticed that a significant portion of attendees were Hispanic and most were interested in those things that they could identify with. We felt the need to recognize members of our community that have supported the Hispanic LGBT community, and to achieve this, we’ve named Miami Beach Mayor Matti Bower as our honorary Orgullo queen,” says Josue Santiago, one of the event’s founders and organizers. We guess there is only so much Lady Gaga and house music a Latino can take without craving some salsa and merengue
Sat., Oct. 1, noon, 2011


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