Prey on This

In a division (the Atlantic) where no team has a winning record, Toronto has achieved what some thought to be an impossibility: knocking the Knicks out of last place. Don't laugh too hard, fans, because the Raptors' terrible record isn't all that much worse than your Miami Heat's. Yes, the season is young. Yes, it's tough for an NBA champion to get fired up about much of anything before the playoffs. And yes, the Raptors seem better than their record, considering the amount of young talent on the team: Chris Bosh, T.J. Ford, Morris "Mo Pete" Peterson. So although this game might mean little in the big scheme, it should be an exciting matchup and a chance to see the future of Canadian basketball. (Yeah, you're right: Steve Nash is, was, and always will be the future of Canadian basketball, but he plays in Phoenix.) With two seven-footers playing alongside the 6-10 forward Bosh, Toronto has an inside-game advantage over the Heat. The Heat, on the other hand, has Dwyane Wade. Place your bets, give the points.
Mon., Dec. 11, 7:30 p.m.


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