Preserve the Perv

Masters and mistresses, get those gimps out of their dark, scary cages ’cause it’s time for the coolest fetish party on South Beach. This Sunday at 11 p.m., Rokbar will host Sunday Submission, its first kink night, to celebrate the 40th birthday of SoBe’s most eccentric bartender, Robert Frost, a man who pours drinks at the Gansevoort Hotel while wearing a bunny outfit.

Bored by generic beats and bottle service, Frost and friends decided the time had come to bring the pervy days back to the Beach. Expect go-go dancers in catsuits, dominatrixes with PhDs, and DJ Danny Bled dropping dirty house beats with an industrial overtone. Meanwhile, off in a corner, local body-painter CJay will slather tops, bottoms, and otherwise consenting adults. Note: There will be a very strict dress code: i.e., no casual clothes. Think leather, latex, and vinyl. Tighten your corset and come rock.
Sun., Sept. 19, 11 p.m., 2010


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