Positive Vibrations

According to Wikipedia, that oft-debunked fount of publicly produced information, the pay-it-forward concept was first inspired by Benjamin Franklin in 1784. But we the people had to wait until 2000, when Kevin Spacey took the help-thy-neighbor theory to the big screen, in a flick that can be best described as schmaltzy. In the film (an adaptation of Catherine Ryan Hyde’s novel), if someone does a good deed for you, in repayment you should do three good things for someone else, which according to legend, will lead to a universal chain of goodness, eventual world peace, and a spontaneous sing-along of “Kum Ba Yah.” We kid, we kid. In all seriousness, the idea of paying forward a favor results in a sensation of bliss, inner peace, and wellbeing that comes only from unrequited acts of charity. Want to know what that feels like? Stop by the Celestial Treasures Network for its Pay It Forward Weekend.

The occult one-stop-shop is providing psychic consultations and metaphysical readings gratis from noon to 10 p.m. Saturday and noon to 6 p.m. Sunday — the only currency being your promise to give service to two people in need of help. They may be relatives, friends, or total strangers. When you help those people, ask them to keep the chain of good karma going. If this idea sounds too good to be true, call 305-461-2341 or visit www.celestialtreasuresnetwork.com.
Sat., July 19; Sun., July 20, 2008


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