Pop Goes the Brits

Know what we love about living in Miami? All the British culture. Have you ventured into Little Britain for some Cornish pasties or over to London Town for a sleeve of McVitie’s digestive cookies? Of course you haven’t. Save for the odd double-decker bus and Winston portrait courtesy of Churchill’s Pub, Anglophiles are damn near starving in South Florida. So when we catch wind of a band that sounds a little like Joy Division and a lot like Placebo, we perk up. Miami’s resident Britpop group, Astari Nite, allows us to close our eyes and fantasize about a bunch of limeys smothering themselves in cod and vinegar and stumbling out of pubs along the Thames. And this Saturday, Astari Nite will put on a release party for its latest EP, Requiem Mass, at the Stage. Sharing the bill will be the State Of and sets by DJs Al B. Rotten, Chico Biscayne, and Vulgurth.
Sat., May 28, 9 p.m., 2011


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