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Actor/comedian Gary Owen is the only white comic to host BET’s Comicview, a fact that puzzles some people. “You’d be amazed at the questions I get,” he says. “‘You’re just light-skinned. You got some Cherokee in you?’”

Owen began his stand-up career while he was in the Navy. Only predominantly African-American rooms would give him time, which led to his being voted Funniest Black Man in San Diego. “People assume you go on BET, you must have been raised around a lot of black people. Nope. I was born and raised in a trailer park,” he declares cheerfully. Even back then he knew he wanted to do stand-up. “It’s not like I ever wanted to be an athlete,” he says. “I just wanted to make people laugh.” That’s what he’ll do at the Miami Improv, tonight through Monday, December 31.
Dec. 27-31, 2007


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