Political Fundits

In less than two weeks, many Floridians (yes, even some of you convicted criminals!) will head to the polls, wait in line to have their names checked off by confused old women, and step behind the magic curtain to cast their vote for the office that, until recently, held the distinction of most powerful man in the world. A so-called battleground state, Florida is divided by citizens on both sides of the political fence, and after twentysome months of political rabble-rousing by pundits, surrogates, and campaign managers, most voters — even those who think Barack Obama is the second coming of Chairman Mao, and those who view John McCain as a fascist warmonger — are predictably exhausted by the rhetoric. Fear not: There are a couple of fresh faces in the world of pundits.

They are Donnie Weaver and Earl Hinckle, two good ol’ boys who banter about political and social issues while fishin’ and whackin’ back Budweisers. Played by improv legends Joe Bill and Mark Sutton (of Second City fame), Donnie and Earl constitute Bassprov, improv comedy’s most poignant political satirists and the headlining act for the 2008 Miami Improv Festival. South Florida’s own Just the Funny improv troupe will open for Donnie and Earl at Just the Funny Theatre. The show begins at 9 p.m. this Friday, and tickets cost $15. The festivities continue through Sunday with various acts and comedy lessons from the Second City greats. For a complete schedule of events, locations, and ticket prices, visit www.miamiimprovfestival.com.
Oct. 24-26, 2008


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