Please Don’t Wear That

Tight-fitting mesh shirts and puffy pirate-wear from International Male. Pleated houndstooth pants with tapered ankles from Chess King. Wild floral and bold, gold rope designs on a silk royal blue button down from that little store called Mr. Man that was tucked in the corner next to Orange Julius. You know what we’re talking about. Now put them all in a bag and throw them away. And while you’re at it, get rid of your mandals, golf shirts, and pleated Dockers too. We don’t want to see them and neither do the judges who are looking for Esquire’s Best Dressed Real Man in America. The panel will visit ten cities, and the top five regional finalists will appear in the September issue of Esquire. The winner will be announced live on the Today show and receive a prize package worth nearly $10,000. Put on your best look (and don’t forget to shave) before heading to the Macy’s men’s department tonight at 6:30. Visit to register.
Wed., April 26


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