Plead No Contest

Some people think music, art, and fashion are all that matters. You can see them leaving the club as you’re driving to work. Don’t hate; participate. Forget about gas prices, the mortgage, alimony, court costs, your man, your lady, the election, the war — they’ll still be there when you wake up in a trashed hotel with a German tour group. Guilty pleasures aren’t what make life worth living, but they do it make it fun. Spend, waste, consume, and take pictures at the new Thursday-night bash at Aerobar, aptly titled Guilty Pleasures.

There will be DJs, a sound system loud enough to make code enforcement knock, 5,000 square feet of event space, and the latest in music composed of clicks and beeps. Grab your web-enabled mobile device and check out; you will learn the club is “the brainchild of nightlife ambassador Tony Guerra and Smiley Boyd.” Don’t think; obey your impulse to check out the hottest new thing on the club scene. Aerobar is located at 247 23rd St., Miami Beach. Call 305-674-1110.
Thu., July 10, 2008


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