Planetary Protection

While you are gently whispering sweet nothings to your potted plants this morning, don’t mention driving over to Whole Foods later today to learn how to reduce your carbon dioxide footprint. In conjunction with Earth Month the green supermarket chain is presenting the Whole Earth Weigh-In throughout April. It’s a campaign to reduce carbon dioxide emissions through better personal management of resources.

Although plants thrive on those nasty gases — which is why you mustn’t tell Rose, Fern, or Philodendron about this — it’s not so beneficial for humans. After signing a pledge to reduce your CO2 footprint, you’ll be presented with a brochure that will give you tips on how to cut back your greenhouse gas output (and why you should). Think of this program as a reducing diet, but instead of slimming your waist, you’re cutting back on the pollutants that make your carbon dioxide footprint huge and unseemly. The program is free, and you also get coupons to start you on your way. Sign up at your friendly neighborhood Whole Foods, or visit
Tue., April 10


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