Pirates Know Best

A friend of ours once told us that to be a proper host we should always keep these drinking staples on hand: Chimay, ginger beer, and a good rum, “Not that Bacardi crap,” the wise Brit would say. If our buddy were in town, we know he would be the first in line to sample the exquisite array of rums that the Great Gables Guide editor Robert Burr has assembled from Nicaragua, Trinidad, Brazil, Belize, Nepal, Guyana, Jamaica, and several other countries, for the Gifted Rums Tasting Event. To keep you from getting too tipsy from the savory to spicy honey-color elixirs, you will also be served a delicious dinner featuring rum-fueled recipes. Be prepared to get your fill of the sugar-cane spirits tonight from 7:30 to 10:00 at Katrine Restaurant. (You might want to begin your dramatic coughing at work this afternoon so no one will be suspicious when you call in sick with a mad case of the cocktail flu tomorrow.) The cost is $69 per person. Space is limited, so call 305-443-7973 or visit www.giftedrums.com to RSVP.
Tue., Sept. 26


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