Pimp a New Ride

It’s been eons since man was forced to ride his steed to the general store, clippity-clopping down a dirt road and tipping his hat at the townsfolk. Now the only horses in the streets are under the hood of the modern dude’s Saab. And the tipping of the hat? Yeah, more like the flipping of a road-ragey middle finger. So what’s a boy to buy? Stereotypes say minivans are for the daddies, flashy things for the playboys, and, of course, candy-apple-red Corvettes for the midlifers. In case you want to break out of your sedan rut, this year’s South Florida International Auto Show is rolling into town and bringing a ton of 2009 whips for you to try out as part of the Ride & Drive experience. Beginning this Friday, you can test-drive all the Hyundais under the sun; visit www.sfliautoshow.com for a list of the other auto giants that will be handing over the keys for this vehicle bonanza. More than 1,000 cars, trucks, and SUVs will be on display through November 16 at the Miami Beach Convention Center.
Nov. 7-16, 2008


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