Physics, Schmysics

This Wednesday, Leo, a solo show featuring a gravity-defying performance by acrobat Tobias Wegner, takes the stage at the Colony Theatre (1040 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach). Trust us when we say it will have you questioning whether elite athletes really can cheat the laws of physics. Leo is an ingenious and mesmerizing piece of physical theater from German company Circle of Eleven. The performance begins with the title character sitting alone in a small room. He slowly discovers something is not quite right — the laws of gravity are skewed, and he can walk and climb up walls as easily as Spider-Man. But how he accomplishes the skill is simple yet remarkably effective. On the right side of the stage is a cutaway of a room containing the performer; on the left is a live video projection of the same space, but rotated 90 degrees clockwise. The “screen room” is where all the magic happens. The simple act of standing is transformed into a superhuman feat. Leo’s handstanding, crawling, and tumbling in the “real world” result in mind-boggling effects on the projected screen.
Wed., Sept. 19, 9:30 p.m., 2012


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