Juan Carlos Arcila-Duque with a wry Watson image
Juan Carlos Arcila-Duque with a wry Watson image
Steve Satterwhite

Photo Finish

He was born blind in one eye. She used to be a fashion model in the swinging Sixties. Both were unlikely candidates to spend a good part of their lives behind a camera, but Albert Watson and Sarah Moon became, of all things, photographers. Looking at the world through a very different lens, they boast styles that couldn't be more disparate. The Scottish Watson produces clear, striking portraits. With a keen sense of composition and sometimes a twisted sense of humor, he's committed the likenesses of models, rock stars, celebrities, and even masked monkeys on film and painstakingly prints the results himself. Moon, in contrast, creates images as ethereal as her celestial name: haunting soft-focus shots of elegantly attired women and serene scenes from nature, all of which resemble paintings more than photos.

Their work goes on display together this Saturday, when a-d furniture interiors presents the exhibition "Duet: Photographs by Albert Watson and Sarah Moon." Misleading name aside, a-d has consistently devoted itself to filling its 3000-square-foot space with the work of major photographers, often being the first to unveil their images in Miami. This show, which runs through December, will close a triumphant year that featured shots by bigwigs such as Helmut Newton, Horst P. Horst, and Peter Beard. Also being unveiled on Saturday: upscale furniture and accessory lines by international design-world stars such as Sam Robin, Ton Luyk, Monica de Rhode, Alison Spear, and S. Russell Groves. Not one to be outdone, a-d owner Juan Carlos Arcila-Duque is more than just the photo curator. He designs as well. He'll show off his own work, too -- clean-lined chairs and tables that he created for the soon-to-be-open South Beach nightspot MYNT Ultra Lounge. "It's a very challenging view," Arcila-Duque notes of the show, "about what's happening design-wise in Miami."


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