Photo: Another Sanrio Tattoo from Hello Kitty Pop-Up Shop, Small Art Miami

Images from the free tattoo parlor at Small Art Miami (AKA the Hello Kitty Basel pop-up shop) keep rolling in. Here's Dokidoki Burger, the fresh tatt of Sean Ashworth. By the second day of the pop-up shop, it was no small chore to get one of the Sanrio tattoos. Ashworth and his friends had to get there before it opened, put their names on the list, and then didn't get under the needle until 5 p.m.

He says "The artist, Grant Cobb, worked super fast and finished my tattoo in about an hour. He did a great job and it's healing nicely. The whole day was awesome, being there with friends, seeing the artwork, the Harajuku girls, the tattoos. A day to remember, for sure." Last week, we featured a Lanrey the raccoon tattoo. Anyone else get inked with a Hello Kitty character? Send photos to, and we'll feature the best.


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