Petrifying Photography

Give Wendy Doscher-Smith free rein behind the lens of a camera, and all kinds of quirky images begin to emerge. Doscher-Smith is best known as the doggie-obsessed president of Apawture Pet Photography, and she specializes in taking poignant and sweet portraits of the paws of famous people’s pets (check But her current exhibit at the Miami Beach Cinematheque is far more creepy than cute. “Creature Feature: Unexpectedly Eerie Images” captures images of otherwise benign objects all weirdly angled enough to give them an unsettling proximity that goes perfectly with the Cinematheque’s currently ongoing monthlong gross-out David Cronenberg screening series.

Close-up, slimy ropes of cake batter turn out more stomach-churning than appetizing. The surprising emergence of a cow’s teeth allows nature’s poster animal for tranquility to appear menacing. Even innocuous flowers are rendered spine-chilling by the shutterbug, who will be on hand to meet and greet movie lovers following the screening of Cronenberg’s ahead-of-its-time homage to sex and violence, Videodrome, tonight at 8:30. Come for the film and pay $10, or come just for the exhibit’s opening reception at 10:30 and get in for free. Proceeds go to Doscher-Smith’s Operation Save Nyla (visit and Fotomission (
Fri., Oct. 5, 2007


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