Peter Max = Front-Runner

Ever wonder what happens to the commemorative hats and T-shirts created for the team that loses the Super Bowl? According to a 2007 

Peter Max = Front-Runner

Max, who has done a portrait of the past five U.S. presidents, debuted his Barack Obama portrait on CBS's Early Show January 15, but it's not just one portrait. It's a quilt of 44 portraits laid out in a four-by-11-foot grid. He told host Harry Smith the portraits took "a long time," which makes me wonder: How long, Peter? Because either you banged these things out in the month and a half you had after the election like the bland, capitalist crap they are, or, and this is the theory I like: Somewhere in a factory in Candyland, there's a giant grid of John McCain portraits, casting 44 slightly insane smiles into the pinkish darkness.

If indeed this alternate artwork exists, it's infinitely more valuable than your tie-dye white-washing of Obama, and I think you have the moral obligation to donate it to a struggling African nation of your choice so it can profit from the art's sale by auction. I'll start the bidding at one dollar.

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