Patriotic Arts

Plenty of artists have been struggling with novel ways to commemorate the tenth anniversary of 9/11, looking to voice a range of emotions about the country post-2001 in a broad range of styles and media. But some art speaks about American culture without being directly influenced by the anniversary. For the past two years, Jeff and Sabrina Williams have worked together to transform recycled and found materials into intricate sculptures. The two then photographed these detailed scenes for highly saturated color prints. The resulting images show iconic views of Americana, from trailer parks to farms to back-yard barbecues. The artists' different backgrounds -- Jeff is from Tennessee and Sabrina from Brazil -- provide a mixed, fresh perspective of roadside America. See "American Dream" this Sunday at the Bakehouse Art Complex, where the exhibit will be on display through October 1.
Sept. 11-Oct. 2, noon, 2011


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