Pass the Wasabi

You can take two bites or swallow one whole; use your fingers or a pair of chopsticks. It’s the Asian equivalent of the uber-American pig-in-a-blanket, but prettier, more colorful, and sometimes uncooked. It’s sushi! And until about 30 years ago, these little rolls the size of a jar of Carmex weren’t popular in the United States. But at today’s Art of Sushi Class at boutique sushi lounge Doraku, Japanese-trained executive chef Hiro Terada will teach you and other grasshoppers how to roll like a pro. Learn how to select the perfect ingredients and instantly earn the right to call your raw fish sushi. You’ll impress friends at your next house party with your skills handling vinegared rice and thin sheets of dried seaweed.
Wed., Feb. 7, 7 p.m.


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