Pass the Hot Sauce

The art of soul food cooking – with its ill-defined recipes that consist of a “pinch” of this, a “dab” of that, and a “lil’ bit” of something else -- is a craft best learned at the elbow of a professional. But if you’re not blessed with a cast-iron-pot-wielding, sweet-tea-stirring mentor, Bloomingdale’s Aventura is giving you the next best thing. No, they’re not assigning personal chefs to the masses. Today at 1, Vincent T. Brown, chef and co-owner of Miami Gardens staple Mahogany Grille, will be hosting a special Martin Luther King Jr. Day soul food cooking demonstration, where he’ll show you how to create dishes just like the ones he serves to hungry patrons of his restaurant.

Maybe he’ll teach you how to pull off his butter/sweet-potato/pecan cheesecake, or perhaps you’ll pick up the nuances of a perfect plate of chicken and waffles. Either way, we’re sure your taste buds will be happy with your new skills. The demo is free and open to the public.
Sat., Jan. 19, 1 p.m., 2008


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