Pass the Basel

All eyes will turn to the Big Mango in December, when Art Basel transforms the 305 and adjacent latitudes into the planet’s largest city-wide arts confab with the likes of Picasso, Warhol, Beuys, Hirst, and Emin shopped out at the Miami Beach Convention Center and close to a dozen satellite fairs boasting emerging and midcareer talent around town. More than 1,000 dealers will swell the numbers of the 200 lucky colleagues who won a golden entry to the main stage on the Beach, all of them clamoring to grab the attention and wallets of the megacollectors in town. The biggest lure for locals is the seasonal eruption of fresh graffiti in Wynwood by some of the world’s top talent, a surfeit of art-related bashes promising more booze than a Prohibition bootlegger, and block-to-block galleries bursting with edgy offerings and downright eyesores in every available nook and cranny throughout the neighborhood. And, best of all, most of it is free!
Dec. 1-4, 11 a.m., 2011


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