Party at the Planetarium

Go ahead and admit it. The last time you were comfortably numb at the Planetarium’s Pink Floyd laser light show, you thought it would be sooo cooool if a live band were playing in that reverb-heavy dome where the stars twinkle in the daytime and weird images dance among them at night. Perhaps so cool didn’t have as many o’s in it once you weren’t under the influence of, um, er, let’s say “Corporal Clegg,” but it’s still a pretty neat idea. So the Roundhouse Festival was born. Tonight’s show features three diverse local acts and one visual artist. If it all goes well, you can expect a sequel, so wander on out to support King Bee, Humbert, and Johnny Roses (of Tereso collaboration fame) while Jonathan Riesco provides a little extra visual stimulation. Bacardi and Dos Equis are event sponsors. Their representatives will be hosting an open bar, so it’s 21 and older only. The music begins at 8:00 p.m. and lasts until 1:00 a.m. at the Museum of Science and Planetarium. Admission is $20, but a limited number of $15 presale tickets are available at Call 305-546-2996.
Sat., Oct. 7


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