Parrots Flock to Fundraisers

It’s almost time to hang the stockings, do the shopping and baking, go to company parties, and fluff the futon because Great Aunt Edna will be staying at the house. It’s the same every year: hectic with a tiny speck of light flickering at the end of the holiday tunnel. This year begin the season with a relaxing Night in Paradise at Parrot Jungle Island, hosted by the Florida International University Business Alumni Chapter. Tonight’s guayabera-chic soiree will give a little Latin taste to guests via live music, the world-famous dance group Salsa Casino, and paintings by Kiki Valdes. Enjoy premier cigar-rolling, hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, and more, beginning at 8:00. Tickets cost $40, and proceeds will benefit the FIU Scholarship Fund and CHARLEE, a nonprofit organization that helps Miami’s abused and neglected children. Call 305-348-0397, or visit
Wed., Nov. 22


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