Park and Recreation

Gye Hoon Park is a budding conceptualist whose down-to-earth vision germinates from the simple form of a bean sprout. The Korean artist is known for layering organic sheets of rice paper to create a sort of a seed bed, from which he intricately cuts innumerable curved shoots that spring forth from the textured surfaces like a dense carpet of tiny, budding plants — a commentary on life’s fertile nature. You can catch his whimsical yet complex sprout pieces beginning at 6 p.m. during Wynwood’s Second Saturday arts crawl this weekend at Diana Lowenstein Fine Arts (2043 N. Miami Ave., Miami), which is featuring “White Thoughts,” a collection Parks considers metaphors for a “strong interior, similar to a fragile shoot punching through frozen ground.” Also on display at Lowenstein is “Abismo Nupcial” by Spain’s Daniel Verbis. And although his show’s title (“Nuptial Abyss”) appears to hint at the fallout of a marital meltdown, instead you’ll find a quirky constellation of mixed-media paintings. Verbis’s beguiling compositions are rife with matrices of protruding orifices and organic forms arranged in mazes and lattices teeming with energy, often suggesting unseen realms experienced through a microscopic lens.
Sat., June 9, 6 p.m., 2012


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