Paintings off the Beaten Path

While most tenderfoot galleries are staking a claim in Wynwood, veteran dealer Natalie Uribe has packed up the Conestoga and headed west to christen her new digs. Uribe, who has been in the business for more than 25 years, has opened Uribe Brown Fine Art at the Westend Center in Doral, and plans to showcase Florida artists who "have been underexposed locally" in her pioneer space.

"In Wynwood I would have been just another gallery, so I chose Doral for two reasons: I felt we could grow with an area that is booming, and that the location and concept would set us apart from everyone else," Uribe explained. Her inaugural exhibit, "Color of Choice I, Richard Tobias: Paintings and Drawings," features recent works by the Delray Beach artist and is part of a "Florida Artists in Full Bloom" series Uribe hopes will fill the gallery with pilgrims. The artist's works are "sparsely displayed to float as musical notes of lyrical color, conversing with each other in harmony," she says.
Starts: March 7. Daily, 2007


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